NCH Membership affords everyone the opportunity to join forces with other advocates and organizations pushing towards a united goal to end homelessness across the country.

This is an issue we all know can affect anyone at any time, and when the proper resources aren’t in place to adequately support the unhoused, we band together to advocate for those resources.

Our network of advocates varies from direct service organizations, to non-profit advocacy organizations, to individuals with lived experience, & more. We want to foster a community that is culturally, dynamically & experientially diverse!

We learn from one another by sharing our expertise and experience, communing with each other to mindshare & find solutions to build together and bridge the gaps we see in the housing system.

We promote change through…

We need each other to make our mission a movement! Join our Membership today & be a part of the change you want to see!

We also encourage you to invite fellow advocates in your network to join forces with us!

The more we stand together, the greater chance we have to make our Nation better!

This Membership is specifically for organizations that would like to request to waive dues, due to lack of present funding.