Dear Friends & fellow colleagues,

As advocates for change, we want to continue partnering with like minded organizations that support our movement & mission to end homelessness.

We encourage everyone, especially organizations led by individuals with lived experience with housing insecurity to join our community of advocates.

Together we can make a difference!

We want to encourage you all to share your experience, expertise, and knowledge from the direct service field to unify and amplify our efforts. We also encourage you to engage with us, & invite others within your network to be apart of this movement.

Let’s put unity back in our community!

It is our charge to stand up & empower the overlooked population of our society, in an effort to reclaim human dignity & establish housing as a human right!

Your dedicated support in service of the unhoused communities ignites hope and inspires us daily! Your efforts in partnership with NCH have the power to change the trajectory of our policy & advocacy efforts, as well as inspire those that are currently experiencing housing insecurity.

We want to continue fostering a community that allows everyone an inclusive space to air their concerns locally, while working collectively & effectively to make changes nationally.

If you believe in our mission, partner with us today & be a part of the change you want to see!


Organizational Member Rights & Responsibilities:

We encourage you to join us & Register Today! Choose the Membership LevelĀ that most suits your organization!

In an effort to be inclusive & understanding of financial limitations, we have also create a Waived Dues Organizational Membership. This membership is specifically for organizations with lack of present funding & can be renewed annually at $0. Membership Levels can also be upgraded or downgraded at any time dependent upon the organization’s Annual Budget.

If your organization is well supported with an Annual Budget of over $1 million, please select this Membership level.

Thank you for your partnership & advocacy efforts. We look forward to working with you!

Organizational Membership
$25 for 1 Year
Organizational Membership
$50 for 1 Year
Organizational Membership
$100 for 1 Year
Organizational Membership
$200 for 1 Year
Organizational Membership
$500 for 1 Year