About Memberships

Be the change you want to see, by building a better world through advocacy!

– Tyler Richardson, Membership Coordinator

Individual Members may participate in the Annual Membership Meeting and elect an At-Large Member to vote on their behalf like an Organizational Member. We encourage individuals who have themselves experienced homelessness or housing instability to apply to become members. Fees are waived for approved members who are not able to give financially.

Click here to make a membership contribution. See our 2022/2023 Dues structure below:

Finances: NCH receives its support from memberships, individual contributions, the Combined Federal Campaign, foundation grants, special events, and product sales. Full audited information is available upon request. NCH is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Contributions to NCH are tax exempt to the fullest extent allowed by law. Federal ID# 52-1517415. CFC number 10844.